How to survive:


How to survive: Urban exploring

Rotten floors, rusty stairs, asbestos and funky funghi: Urban exploring is dangerous and above all it's against the law.
If you want to live a long and happy life: Visit this website and enjoy the pictures and stop reading here. If we cannot stop you from urban exploring, please read our advice below.
This is our "Modus Operandi".

Prepare (yourself)

How to enter?

This is the difficult part. Building owners don't like intruders, and neither do I. The owners will make entering the building as difficult as possible by using guards, guard dogs, fences etcetera.

Welcome to an abandoned world

You're ready to experience the beauty of an abandoned world. Or the adrenaline of a train rushing by. Danger is emminent, never loose your attention.

Hazards, worst-case scenarios

Duif Dode duif Trein in tunnel Gat in vloer Radio-actieve straling Toren Giftige drab Giftige drab Duivenpoep Instortende onderaardse gang Oil drums Grease Lab Potjes