Coalmine Hasard


Coalmine Hasard


I discovered this location a long time ago, since it is a coalmine. It happened to be the well-known coalmine Hasard. We visited the mine in June 2006. We parked the car under a coal-transport bridge and ate some sandwiches. In the meanwhile we were thinking of how to enter this building. Then a car stops behind our car, some guy walks out of the car and asks us if we want to make some pictures in the mine-buildings. We were stunned. So we quickly answered yes, and we were inside. Easiest entrance ever... But it makes clear the location is very touristic.


The mine closed during the late seventies. Since the sixties it was no longer possible to compete with the low-priced coal from America and England. The geolgical conditions for mining there were much better than in Belgium. Since the seventies the buildings serve as a monument, slowly rotting away. A memory of the once huge mining industry in this area.


Built: 1848
Abandoned: 1977
Visited by TX: 2006
Demolished: -
Reuse: -

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