CM Fireplace


CM Fireplace


We discovered this location using Google Earth. We visited it in July 2007. It is impossible to enter this site without climbing gear. In order to protect this beautiful location we gave it a codename.


When the coal fields of Ewald V began to dry out in the mid seventies, there was looked to the possibility of mining the coal under a nature reserve. For this purpose a shaft would be build in the middle of this area. This invoked a storm of protest by environmental organisations. A compromis was reached, the shaft would only be used for delivering materials and not for extracting coal. In november 1977 the construction started. Twenty years later the buildings were highly modernised in order to be able to compete with cheap coal. This did not really help, in June 2001 the mine joint forces with another mine from the area and all operations halted, strategically off course. This means that the buildings will not be demolished, but they will be maintained as little as possible. The buildings are being rented or guarded by permanent security with dogs. The buildings should remain intact for the case that it might be strategically wanted to start production again.


Built: 1977
Abandoned: 2001
Visited by TX: 2007
Demolished: -
Reuse: -

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