Line 31 Liege


Line 31 Liege


I tracked this railway in May 2006. It is a nice railwayline with a bicycle track next to it.


In 1864 the line was opened for traffic. This line was owned by a Dutch company which wanted some control on the supply of coal to the Netherlands. It had lots of branches to the coalmines of Liege. The line was nationalised like all railways and with the demise of the coalmine, the railway lost its importance. In 1973 it was planned to be one of the passenger transporting lines of the cities around Liege. The line was electrified and adjusted. However there were no passengers to transport and in 1984 the project was abandoned. The line was closed for passenger traffic and only the line from Liers to Rocourt remained open for military transports. In 1997 the line from Rocourt to Ans was broken up and later a bicycle track was build on the remains of the railway.


Built: 1864
Abandoned: 1984
Visited by TX: 2006
Demolished: 1997-2007
Reuse: -

Length: 6,4 km

Line number: 31

Map of the railway



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